Deposits & Payments

To secure your event with Bridge Catering, we respectfully require a 10% non-refundable deposit at time of booking. The balance amount on the invoice provided will be due at conclusion of your event unless prior arrangements have been made.


Ten (10) working days prior to all food functions, or at the time the contract is signed, whichever is less, Bridge Catering requires the customer to submit an expected number of guests for each scheduled event. The customer will be charged a minimum of 90% of the expected number of guests, regardless of the final guarantee. The final guaranteed number of guests for all food functions must be submitted to Bridge Catering by noon (12pm), three (3) business days prior to the date of the function. If the guarantee is not received by the cut-off date/time, Bridge Catering will assume that the “expected” (exp) number of guest is noted at the top of the contract or the expected number of guests submitted ten (10) working days prior to the event is the guarantee, whichever is higher. The guarantee becomes the minimum number of guests used in calculating the amount to be charged and the maximum number for food preparation. Should the actual number of guests in attendance of the event exceed the guarantee, the customer will be charged for the number of guests in attendance. All increases to guarantees within three (3) business days are subject to food availability and surcharges. Bridge Catering will prepare 5% above the guarantee. Bridge Catering cannot guarantee that the same menu items will be served to guests above the overset. Food and beverage choices are based on availability and are at Bridge Catering’s discretion.

All Food & Beverage is subject to 20% Service Charge.

Alcoholic Beverages

The State Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco regulates the sale and service of all alcoholic beverages. Bridge Catering is responsible for the administration of such regulations. If alcoholic beverages are to be served on Bridge Catering’s premises, we require that these beverages be dispensed only by Bridge Catering’s TAP/TIP certified servers and bartenders. Our alcoholic beverage license requires us to: 1) request proper identification (photo ID) of any person of questionable age and refuse alcoholic beverage service if the proper identification cannot be produced and 2) refuse alcoholic beverage service to any person who, in Bridge Catering’s judgment, appears intoxicated. Provisions of the Bridge Catering’s Beverage License prohibit the patron or attendees from providing alcoholic beverages from outside sources. A  fee will be charged per offsite event for the alcohol permit.


Bridge Catering requires that only Bridge Catering provides all food and beverage for all event held at the Bridge. Any meeting space rented must meet a Facility Fee Minimum determined by your contract. Bridge Catering will gladly prepare a custom menu to meet your specific requirements, if you prefer. In accordance with the Alaska Health Department, no food and/or beverages are to leave the premises and no outside food or beverages may be brought on property.

Audio Visual Equipment

Bridge Catering has a audio system for back ground music and announcements. A 2nd party vendor may be contracted to coordinate with Bridge Catering for all other audio/visual needs.


Valet parking may be arranged for your meeting or event for an additional fee.

Additional Services

Any services that would incur additional costs (i.e. power or electrical charges, décor, entertainment, security, coat check, etc.) will be discussed with you by  Bridge Catering’s management team upon your request.

Decoration, Signage & Banners

Bridge Catering’s management team can recommend specialists for floral centerpieces, tablescapes, specialty linens, themed props, entertainment and ice sculptures. We partner with the Alaska’s finest vendors to assist with creating your perfect event. Requests to hang banners or special signage which will not fit on an easel will need to be conveyed to Bridge Catering at least 72 hours prior to the time needed and are subject to management approval. There will be a $30 per hour labor fee with a one-hour minimum. In order to prevent damage to our fixtures and furnishings, all decorations, signage, and/or displays brought into the Bridge, by guests must be approved prior to arrival. All decorations and displays must be in compliance with the State Building code and meet the approval of the Anchorage Fire Marshall. Items may not be attached to any stationary wall, floor, windows or ceiling with nails staples, tape, tacks or any other substance in order to prevent damage to the facility, fixtures and furnishings. According to Anchorage fire regulations, all candles or any devices that emit flame or smoke must be enclosed in glass or non-flammable containers.

Smoke-free Policy

The Bridge is designated as a smoke-free facility, which includes all meeting and public areas. There are specially designed outdoor smoking areas available for guests.


Bridge Catering shall not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise or articles brought into the Bridge or for any item left unattended. Special arrangements for security of exhibits, merchandise or articles for display must be made prior to the planned event.

Off Site Catering

Bridge Cateringis happy to provide offsite catering services to remote locations. An additional charge will be incurred for delivery and set up to remote venues as follows.

  • Anchorage Area Venues ………..$7/per guest
  • Girdwood & Big Lake Area …..$12/per guest
  • Whittier Charters ………………..$15/per guest
  • Seward Charters …………………$20/per guest

Bridge Catering is unable to produce certain menu items due to kitchen and preparation facilities available on offsite events. Our catering staff is happy to work with you on finding the best solution possible to meet your requests.

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